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The island has two newspapers - The Anna Maria Island Sun and The Islander. Both papers are available for free at many of the local stores and shops. They can also be found in the newspaper racks around the island. Both papers are published once a week with the latest issues available on Wednesday mornings.

Anna Maria Island Sun The Sun
The Anna Maria Sun is celebrating their 10th year in 2010. The staff of the Sun gives us a colorful photographic representation of island life and has won many awards. The Sun has plans to redesign their web site for their anniversary issue and will be introducing some new items for the readers to enjoy. The Sun also is a major supporter of Anna Maria Island Cultural Connections and the annual artsHOP.

Anna Maria IslanderThe Islander has been giving us the news since 1992. From time to time the Islander will run an issue containing 'historic' events by reprinting stories the paper ran years ago. It's a wonderful bit of history and a welcomed bit of nostalgia for those of us who remember those very stories when they were the 'breaking news' and should also give the newer islanders and visitors a sense of our island history. The online version of the Island is very well done and always shows up ahead of schedule.

If you want to know what's happening on the island, these newspapers are the main source of information - make sure to pick up your copy... and be sure to contact them for your advertising needs.
Most of the newspapers have an online presence. If you want to catch up on the latest news while having your morning coffee, just click on the links to the right.

My feeling is that we can save a lot of trees if we bypass the 'paper' part of the newspaper. Of course, the one drawback is that you miss a lot of the advertising (which is some cases wouldn't be so bad) and the coupons and other special announcements with the more condensed online version.

If you are visiting our island and want to continue receiving Island News, you can subscribe the any of the papers listed and they will be mailed to your door.

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